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About The Lab. Signup for Free Workshops and Ableton Goodies. Get more info. Enter name and email below and we'll get you lit. Foundation of Music Theory. Learn the language of music to help you make the music you want to make, To communicate with other musicians and reveal the magic behind your favorie songs. Progremming Beats. Sequence drums in any style using Ableton Live's Drum Racks.

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Learn tricks and techniques to take your beats to the next level. Ableton Live Why Ableton Live? Session vs. Experience the leading software today for modern music production. Demystify the world of Ableton Live to make any style of music. Thank you! We'll contact you shortly with more info and discounts. History of Sampling Hardware Samplers Simpler vs. Sampler Sampling your own instruments Slicing Samples. Explore the endless world of sampling. Add organic texture or make it into an instrument Everything is possible with sampling. Which Controller Should I Get?

Choosing the right mic Setting up recording session Working with other musicians Time Stretching Live's editing tools. Learn how to setup and record mics and instruments in Ableton Live.

Earplugs unavoidable for musicians in the orchestra and at home

Master the warp engine for syncronizing audio and sound design. Class Jams. Play live with your classmates in the first modern ClassJam environment. Develop collaboration skills, performance focus and improvisation techniques. Get your own sound from analyzing and deconstrucing modern song structures. Learn different musical genres to help you achive your own unique sound.

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Music Theory Progress your composition skills by learning advanced music theory methods. You will get a deeper understanding of how to produce strong harmonies, melodies and arrangements. The Launchbox Modulation Vs. Learn advance Ableton techniques to take your production to the next level. Everything is possible with Ableton Live let your imagination be your guide. Analyzing Electronic vs. Learn the key characteristic of all popular music styles. You have a specific style in mind you want to produce?

We'll show you all the secrets. Analog vs. Take the sounds in your head and create them in the computer using synthesizers. Demystify the vast world of virtual synths. Sound Design. Develop creative thinking by using multiple techniques to create unique and complex sounds. Become a sonic master. Virtual instruments Live Performance Routines Rewiring.

Collaborate with class mates with in-class synchronization. Purchase eartips, filters and other accessories online or call Customer Service at or toll free at The NRR formula adjusts for individual variability and for those persons who do not wear hearing protection as instructed. NRR is computed from laboratory data that are usually not representative of the values attained in the real world by actual users. In the case of Etymotic electronic earplugs, the rating does not accurately represent the maximum sound reduction provided. The bandwidth 40 Hz - 16 kHz is unprecedented, and the sound quality exceeds that of all known electronic earplugs and modern digital hearing aid devices.

If heard, users usually have enough warning to change batteries at a convenient time. ER Filter Removal Tool. ER Green Filters. ER Zipper Pouch. Double click on above image to view full picture. More Views. Availability: In stock Qty:. Product Downloads. HD Safety Brochure.

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Carefully insert the earplug while pulling up and out on the back of the ear. Twist and push gently until the eartip seals in the ear canal.

Specifications to Look For

Foam eartip: Roll down or compress foam eartip before inserting. Hold the eartip in place for about 5 seconds while the foam expands to create a tight seal in the ear canal. Glider eartip: Simply push into ear canal. Removal Remove the device with a slow twisting motion.

Care Do not expose to extreme temperatures.

Avoid dropping and strong impact. Leave eartip on the earplug for shock protection. Clean or replace eartips prior to use by others. Cleaning and Replacing Eartips Over time eartips may lose their elasticity. To clean the 3-flange eartips: Remove the eartip from the earplug. Clean with water and mild soap.

Dry the eartip before placing it back on the earplug. Note: Filters are not reusable. Removal Note: Use the tool to remove the filter. They offer up the same great level of protection and are made with skin-friendly silicone, like the other Eargasm model we looked at but are, as the name suggests, intended for smaller ears. The design has been streamlined ergonomically to be suitable for littler ear canals, and are designed to slip inside without causing any discomfort to the user. They feature the companies innovative attenuation technique and are inconspicuous.

The plush silicone is comfortable and the come with 2 different sized 'Smaller' tips, the smallest of which is suitable for some younger users.