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Our enemy is the Navy. Anime and Manga.

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In Gunslinger Girl , the members of Sections 1 and 2 have one of these. For some reason, Section 1 finds the concept of cyborg little girls used as a death squad somehow weird. Because Section 1 consists of adult male human operatives, who are not happy about being upstaged by half-mechanical little girls. In particular, the Ground Forces' commander hates Riot Force 6 which is a cross-service special forces battalion assigned to a paramilitary Lost Technology control division.

The fact that the commander and half of RF6's staff are former criminals that one member of the team blasted into submission does not help. Full Metal Panic! Divisions of Mithril. Intelligence and operatives in particular. Marine Corps, marching into the recruitment office still wearing her wedding dress. The recruiters were reluctant to sign her up until Mao revealed that her father was a Colonel in the Air Force, at which point they welcomed her into the Corps purely to annoy him.

Played for Drama , as the rivalry is escalating at a worrying rate. In fact, the entire plot was brought about by it; Kei is really a Public Security agent and her romance with Fuse was staged to try and create a fake scandal that would let the PSD shut down the Kerberos Unit.

International - Present and Historical

Unfortunately for them, Kerberos know about the scheme and out-manipulate the PVD, killing Kei and several other agents while blackmailing the PVD into standing down. The various geographical units of the Amestris military in Fullmetal Alchemist evidence this. Soldiers from the Northern Briggs , Central, and East forces the ones shown so far never lack for snide things to say about every unit aside from theirs.

In the anime version , Isvbal flashbacks show some animosity towards the State Alchemists when they arrived, as some among the regular soldiers felt they'd been sent to die for nothing when the Fuhrer could have just called in these guys from the beginning and ended the campaign seven years sooner. Their own government and other branches of service are a far greater threat to Section 9 than any external enemy could ever hope to be. All over the place in Mao-chan , where the heads of the three branches of the defense force are all old friends In Hellsing , most other branches of law enforcement seem to dislike the Hellsing Organization.

In the anime, it's between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Environment. The Defense Ministry fields normal soldiers equipped with special technology to fight supernaturals, while the Environment Ministry fields operatives recruited from ancient exorcist families. The ''real'' main characters are the Environment guys.

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Even between said exorcist families there are some serious feuds driving Kagura into becoming a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. In Strike Witches , the more normal sort of militaries don't like the eponymous girls probably something to do with them being underaged aces who fly without their pants on. There is even a conspiracy within the military to disband the st. Actually, most soldiers and officers are very friendly and supportive towards the Witches because they are The Cavalry. Only very conservative generals are reluctant to rely on Witches. However, a straight forward interservice rivalry exists among different branches armed forces.

Witch Hunter Robin is in a branch of an organization designed to capture Witches, using magic-resistant tranq guns. Another branch of the same organization breaks in and steals the gun tech.

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  • Meanwhile, a third branch is trying to keep the second branch under control, while trying to assassinate the members of the first branch. This is not helped by the fact that all of the branches use the same helmets and equipment. Some divisions of the Gotei 13 in Bleach have this, especially the 4th and 11th divisions; the former views the latter as a gang of violent thugs and the latter views the former as weak and useless in battle.

    Had Roberta not intervened and become everyone 's problem, Roanapur probably would've come under pressure from the upstart agency. As it was, the CIA, and their interests in Roanapur, were able to maintain the status quo. The three view each other with suspicion to the point that the corrupt Police Brigade thinks the Survey Corps wants the Rogue Titan aka Eren to seize power from the inner circle from them.

    It doesn't help that there is a distinction between the highly regarded Police Brigade and The Unfavorite Survey Corps who do most of the fighting. In Mobile Suit Gundam , this was the problem with Zeon flat out. Everyone was trying to top everyone else, leading to double crosses, delays in important supplies, rivalries between production lines and, ultimately, the loss of good pilots.

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    A microcosm of this happens with Ramba Ral: when he lost his Gouf mobile suit , he requested the new model Dom as a replacement. As a result, Ral lead a desperate guerilla attack on White Base that resulted in his death. Had he gotten the Doms, he could have potentially defeated the Gundam — if not alone, then he could have teamed up with the Black Tri-Stars another group of ace pilots and won with ease; instead, the Tri-Stars were picked off one by one, as Amuro had become an even better pilot by the time they showed up.

    The rivalry is fueled by the mutual dislike between their leaders, Lord Guiscarl and Archbishop Bodin.

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    Kazuma in Konosuba exploits one of these when collections agents come to get back taxes from all the adventurers in town. Reasoning that government and law enforcement agencies never enjoy anyone butting in on their turf, Kazuma gets himself thrown in jail knowing that the town guard will not let the agents near him while he is being processed, allowing him to get away with tax evasion.

    Comic Books. The Green Lantern Corps in general has had a number of inter-service rivalries, notably with rival interstellar police agencies the L. Even before that revelation, the rivalry often came up when Hal and John found themselves working together during Johns' run: John liked to bash Air Force pilots for being undisciplined hotheads calling the Air Force a "country club" , and Hal liked to bash Marines for being idiotic thugs.

    Naturally, each agency has its own agenda and will make sure to prevent the others don't interfere with it. Nick Fury a former Army Ranger is known to make comments pertaining to "Deck monkeys" and "Candy-ass marines". During Gung-Ho's first appearance in the G. Joe comic, Rock'N'Roll was notoriously pissed to have a marine in the team.

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    They spent as much time sniping at each other as punching out the bad guys. The Avengers : Captain Marvel U. Army veteran Steve Rogers have been shown trading jabs about their respective services. Jay Faerber's Dynamo5 features F. Robert Kirkman's Invincible features the G. Global Defence Agency which is responsible for protecting the Earth from superhuman and extraterrestrial threats, and has at least one superhero team on its payroll. They don't get on too well. Kobra attempted a variant by pitting Checkmate, the Suicide Squad, the Force of July, and Project Captain Atom against each other, abducting key personnel and bombing their bases in ways that cast suspicion on the others, so he can fire his microwave cannon unmolested.

    This was the Janus Directive crossover; part of the fallout was the restructuring of all said agencies under the authority of Sarge Steel to avoid another such incident. An earlier story has the Squad on a mission only for Captain Atom to show up as his boss wants to get the glory of the win more than the Squad. Both he and Flagg agree it's better to work together than getting dragged into this petty rivalry. Flagg : If World War III ever hits, the services will be too busy scrapping over who gets to fire the first nuke to strike back. The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds has a small example that's played mostly straight but ultimately subverted.

    When Big Macintosh first meets Shining Armor, he initially doesn't like him, since — having done a tour of duty in the main Equestrian army tanks corps, specifically — he views the Royal Guard as "little wimps and nobleponies playing at being soldiers". Thing is, Shining agrees with him, having been a part of the main army before being made Captain of the Guard specifically to whip it back into shape.

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    After this conversation, he and Mac get along fairly well. He tells the interviewers that he sees interservice rivalry as being good for morale He also completely ignores the fact that he was a Day Guard before being reassigned to lead the new branch dedicated to Cadence. Some Interservice Rivalry crops up from time to time in Strike Witches Quest , though the Martian War and shared hatred of brassholes can cause bitter rivals to temporarily ally.

    Specifically invoked by Mercury in Phoenix-fire. The army has an ongoing rivalry with the navy , and the airspace is being set up to be divided between the Knight-Wings lehtrblaka with riders and captured and "reformed" dragon riders. All done to ensure that in the case of a coup, no faction could ever fully control more than one theater of battle. Bait and Switch STO : Primary author Star Sword -C frequently makes allusions to a rivalry within the increasingly militarized 25th century Starfleet between science-centered specialties and combat personnel with the beleaguered goldshirts in Operations and Engineering stuck in the middle.

    This often plays out in the form of arguments over tactics between USS Bajor Captain Kanril Eleya, a Prior Enlisted Action Girl specializing in starship weapons and general ass-kicking who typically takes a very direct approach to problem-solving, and her chief science officer Commander Birail Riyannis, an Omnidisciplinary Scientist more inclined to further investigate unusual phenomena.

    Implied in From Bajor to the Black. Apparently that part of her family has been in the Andorian Imperial Guard for centuries.