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Be warned!!! This is NOT a complete detailed walk through, its just a way to get this achievement done as efficiently as possible!!

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It's only purpose is to inform you where and when the side quests become available. Start and continue through the game until you are able to leave the Courthouse after rescuing Catwoman.

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If you don't see him now, wait til you leave the church for the first time, that's when I personally saw him Now head for the church and finish that mission. After you leave the church, some of the side missions become available. Training: Can be started and finished after you leave the church. I suggest dealing with them whenever you are close to one. Ringing phones show up on your HUD and map , and the Acts of Violence show up on your map if you are close You will hear a frighten inmate Remember, the more you do now, the less you have to do post game!!! Head toward the Steel Mill for the story when ready.

On the way to the Mill, you will get an S. Just go in, talk to Bane to accept the mission, but do not start it yet! We are going to do it in a more efficient manner. Proceed through the story till Joker kicks you out. If you missed the achievement "Catch" - Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with, this is the perfect place to get it!!

Call for Shot in the Dark, go and deal with that side mission now, then head to the GCPD and finish that part of the story as well.


Next stop is the Museum, on the way, you will get the S. S call for Enigma Conundrum, drop everything and head toward the church!! Once in the church, listen to the Riddler, solve the puzzle, and after speaking to the Riddler again, you will be directed to the Courthouse. After rescuing the hostage you will get the Riddler's box directing you to your next hostage Since you got riddles solved from your previous playthrough, you will just keep getting the next hostage location until this side mission is done.

Now deal with the Riddler's side quest until you get to the FOURTH hostage, once you are finished with the fourth hostage, go outside and open your map. On your map, you will see Titan container 1 South of your location, go there, deal with the thugs and the container. Now for Titan container 2.

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Its just inside of the rear entrance of the Steel Mill that leads to the Cooling Tunnels. Open your map again, look at the Steel Mill building, you see that rectangle shape coming from the bottom? The door is to the left of it. Enter the door, then turn left, Titan container 2 will be on your left. Afterwards go outside and wait a second, Oracle will radio you and tell you where Riddler is hiding Go outside, open your map and Oh my, look at where we are at!!

Conveniently outside of the Museum!! Yes, thats right, back to the story.

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As I stated above, this is NOT a detailed walkthrough, just an efficient guide to seam the main story and side quests together. After you are done with the last Jammer, head back topside. When you reach the surface out of the Subway, open your map, and you will find Titan container 4 around the corner in a dead end. Now the line launcher makes the Museum SO much easier to navigate!! Once you get to the part where you free Mr. Freeze, look around in the back room for Titan container 5.

Batman: Arkham Knight #4 Continues to Explore Joker’s Death, Received Positively!

Finish up with the Museum and head outside. Go through the story following the blood trail, then chasing the ninja until you meet up with Robin and have to follow the tracker. Alright, I'm gonna have you do something kind of odd. Open your map and locate the dark black circle on your map that is next to the NW edge of the Steel Mill. Make a waypoint there and enter the hole. Follow the sewers until you get to the main room of the Subway Subway Terminal. I need you to exit the Subway on the west side through the Subway Tunnels, the same way you exited after dealing with Penguin's 3rd jammer.

Make a waypoint there. On the way there, you will get the call for another Deadshot victim Shot in the Dark side quest , hold off on it for now. Once you reach the body, scan his face and the knife. You will then have a very interesting conversation with Oracle, Once that is over, we will deal with the next part of Shot in the Dark.

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Open your map, place a waypoint on the broken bridge just NORTH of the blue explanation point icon on the map. You will find the body next to the divider. Go ahead and finish this part of the side quest. Back to the story by reentering the subway the same way you got out earlier. Once you reach the Subway Terminal, enter the door to the North. Proceed onward, and very shortly you will be in the predator room Wonder Tower Foundations. On the South side of this room is the last container, Titan container 6. When you are done with Ra's al Ghul, head back to the surface. Go rescue him so we can take care of a few side missions and finish off Fragile Alliance.

If Batman doesn't make a comment about the body, read the note below.

BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM Full Game Walkthrough - No Commentary

Go ahead and start and eventually finish this side mission!! As long as they are aligned, you will gain more percentage. Let it stay too long out of alignment and you'll lose progress. You can find Manbat once more after completing the Infiltrating Stagg Airships portion of the main story. Once you have gotten out, Manbat will be circling the skies of Bleake Island. Use the methods from your last encounter to tackle him again. Sadly, you'll need more dosage to finish the job, and he'll disappear again.

Once you have stopped the Assault on Panessa Studios portion of the Main Story, Manbat will once again be sighted gliding among the skyscrapers of Founders' Island. Find and tackle him once more to finish the job, and then drive him to GCPD to put Manbat in isolation. Was this guide helpful?